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Updated: Mar 15

The Kit Grade

For us at CampWild, wild camping Kit should be kept simple. Don't get us wrong there is absolutely a place for diving into the nitty gritty technical elements of equipment but it is very easy to get lost and confused in the details. If we are on mission to thrust more people into the world of sleeping under canvas in the wilderness then we need to take an approach that removes intimidation factors and empowers the average joe to bring this powerful and connecting activity into their life and simplifying kit is very much apart of this.

Enter the Kit Grade! We have been working behind the scenes with Vango to introduce a Kit Grading System that aligns Simplified information with Vango's extensive product range and our Wild Grade system, ensuring our community can easily find the gear that suits their specific needs, depending on the space they are intending to visit. 

Vango have a rich and long heritage in the UK camping scene, which holds huge importance when it comes to developing a trusted grading system. The team at Vango have a really memorable history in designing and manufacturing outdoor equipment from supporting the Duke of Edinburgh Award right the way through to supplying outdoor centre's across the UK; if you have ever camped with an outdoor pursuits centre, chances are you used a Vango tent! Watch the space over the next week for our guest blog from Chris Bishop, head of marketing at Vango.

5 key grades allow our community to pinpoint the technical level of kit that is required to set out on a journey to any of our Wild Spaces.

The Kit Grade

For us, tackling the conversation of kit is easy and we feel it should be kept as simple as possible. We are bringing 'wild Camping' down from the mountains and increasing access across a huge array of UK landscapes and this means there is a broad range of kit that can be used for this (it doesn't all have to be high-tech, gucci and light weight!).

Each Grade includes a breakdown of 3 primary areas:

  • Camp Kit

  • Cook Kit

  • Sleep Kit

We are kicking down intimidation barriers and challenging the status quo! Step by step we are building a widespread network of beautiful wild spaces (cared for by some amazing forward thinking people), a community of like minded adventurers and an educational infrastructure that facilitates and empowers more EVERYONE to get sleeping in the wild.

For us this is just the beginning of our mission to connect the UK to the beautiful landscapes that are hidden away on our doorstep.

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