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Unleash Your Inner Explorer: CampWild & Ordnance Survey's Ultimate Adventure Partnership!

Person walking across private lands using Ordnance Survey Maps to explore & find a spot to go wild camping.
OS & CampWild Partnership

Hey there adventure-seekers, pioneers of the wild, and explorers at heart! Have we got some mega news for you! CampWild is thrilled to announce an epic new partnership with none other than Ordnance Survey, the UK’s mapping legends!

Established over two centuries ago, Ordnance Survey (OS) has been charting the course of British history since 1791. Born out of military necessity, its earliest maps were crafted with precision to aid in the defense of the realm, but as time marched on, so too did the scope of its mission. From the shire to the city, OS cartographers meticulously document every contour and street corner.

Throughout its storied history, the OS has been more than just a mapmaker—it's been a companion to generations of adventurers. And now, in the 21st century, Ordnance Survey continues to lead the way, harnessing cutting-edge technology to map the ever-changing landscape of our world. Only this month, the OS have released a huge new update to their already popular OS Maps App, continuing to drive & foster innovation in the world of mapping technology.

It is a really exciting time for CampWild, to partner with the literal authors of exploration in the UK. Despite the ‘age-gap’ between us (casually a few hundred years…), we share a mission; to enable exploration and adventure.

CampWild is working closely with landowners across the UK, gaining permission, negotiating access & unlocking private land. We are fostering connection, community & a culture of conscious adventurers, while OS empowers people to explore with confidence. Together, we are providing access to unexplored places and equipping adventurers with the tools to navigate them safely. It's a partnership fueled by a passion for discovery and a belief in the transformative power of exploration!

This week, CampWild has ticked over 10,000 acres of Wild Space available to explore, in just over 6 months! 10,000 acres of space previously inaccessible & now unlocked with the permission of the landowners for the CampWild community to explore, discover & camp.

A person stood on top of a mountain at sunset

Imagine flipping open your OS Maps App and discovering routes that lead not just to the ordinary, but to the extraordinary. Thanks to this collaboration, you can now access exclusive trail links on the Wild Space Route Cards. These interactive routes, hand-curated by the team at CampWild after visiting every single Wild Space, enable you to travel where the paths are unmarked, the terrain untouched, and the adventures waiting to be had are beyond your wildest dreams.

But this partnership isn't just about maps and land—it's about empowerment, the underlying foundation to this project! It's about giving you the tools and the confidence to unleash your inner pioneer, to boldly go where few have gone. Whether you're a seasoned outdoor enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of wild camping, we invite you to join us on this exhilarating journey.

And guess what? The adventure can start now!

This weekend only, at the National Outdoor Expo, we have teamed up with the epic team at the OS to bring you a year of adventure that you will never forget.

Get your hands on one of our exclusive CampWild + OS Maps App bundles, combining 12 months membership with 12 months subscription to OS Maps!! But make sure you act fast—these bundles are as rare as a shooting star on a moonlit night, and once they're gone, they're gone! You can find them as soon as you walk into the Expo entrance, with the OS stand right in front of you - be quick!

So, what are you waiting for? It's time to lace up your boots, grab your backpack, and set out on the adventure of a lifetime. Together, with CampWild and OS by your side, there's no telling what wonders you'll discover.

See you this weekend at the Expo, fellow explorers! Happy Camping! 🏕️✨

Not yet a member of CampWild? Join our community below.

Not yet subscribed to OS Maps App? Join CampWild to get one month free or subscribe here directly with the OS.

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