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Updated: Mar 15

We all know the strap line, “leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but photos”, in regard to spending time in the great outdoors. But why is it so important? For many of you, it is the obvious effect of more of us spending time in nature, adding environmental pressure to the plants and animals that live there.  Our trash, noise, and just our mere presence, is a disturbance to the delicate balance of life that has evolved all around us.

At Tentsile, we are fully conscious of the need to minimise our impact when we explore beyond our city limits. We understand that natural habitat is threatened in all corners of the earth and that we all have a duty as guardians, to protect what we have left for future generations and for all life that cannot protect itself against the forces of human development.

Our aim has always been to help people experience nature, while educating them to walk more lightly on the earth. We hope that through tree camping, a re-established connection can be made and a greater understanding of the importance to conserve what we have. After all, if we are all hanging out in trees, they can’t be chopped down.


Tentsile Tree Tent and Giant Hammock ranges are the perfect way to be in nature without disturbing it. The lightest touch, connected to 3 trees, and a whole family can be suspended above the forest floor, with no need to make a clearing, no need for level ground, and no need to worry about cold, damp, wet conditions. There is also the added bonus to having increased separation from all of those creeping crawlies and other, more robust pests.

Al of our Products come with Tree Protection Wraps, which Velcro to the tree trunk to protect from any abrasion or crushing the tree’s cambium layer. Tentsile have partnered with the Leave No Trace Organisation, to prove conclusively that long term use of our Tree Tents and Giant Hammocks have no detrimental effect of bark. 3 months in any one position, is fine. After that, we recommend that the unit be moved up or down the tree trunk by 30cm/12”, to avoid creating any damage.


So that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the magic, fun, excitement and comfort of hanging out in the trees in this unique way, Tentsile’s range of product extends all the way up from the solo camping UNA 1-Person Tree Tent, to the multi-levelled treehouse structures that called, Stacks.

The lightest, smallest and most packable model we have is the UNA. A hiking, biking, backpacking, model that weighs in at the same category as your average 1-Person bivvy tent. The bag includes all the straps and fixings you need, the tent body, and waterproof rainfly.


For two adventurers, we also have the Flite Tree Tent, that offers much the same as the UNA, but for two people. This one is built stronger ( to carry more weight ) and therefore, weighs in a little heavier at about the same as your average hiking two person tent. For those that want more space and are willing to work for it, we have the Connect 2-Person Tree Tent. Most would consider this a car camping  model, due to its size and weight, but if you want some space and added luxuries, we believe that a good night sleep is worth the effort on the trail. Moving up from there we have the Stingray 3-Person Tree Tent. Tentsile’s award winning Flagship model, able to sleep 3 adults or a young family of 4 ( kids under 7 years old ). This model boasts all the bells and whistles you’d ever want in a family tent. Plenty of space to move around, lots of storage for all your gear, great weather coverage and undercroft, in addition to a door on each side, and a central hatch for easy access from every direction.


The Safari Vista is also a 3-Person Tree Tent, but this model has the largest internal space of any Tentsile model, plus this one has a fully removable roof so that it can convert into an open air Giant Hammock for daytime lounging. All of our multi-person Tree Tents and Hammocks also come in different use classes.

We have our Classic Range that some with all our special features for domestic and “normal” use, our LITE range, which we have stripped back some of the less useful features in order to offer an entry level version, and a Safari range, which are constructed using market leading heavy-weight fabrics, with high turn-over and rentals in mind.

All of our Giant Hammocks follow the same size, occupancy and weight categories as our Tree Tents, meaning that there is something in our offering for everyone, whatever they want to do, wherever they want to go.


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