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How To Get Started in Wild Camping: Your Essential Gear Guide

Wild Camping

Getting started in wild camping can be a thrilling leap into the unknown. It's about reconnecting with nature, testing your survival skills and discovering breathtaking landscapes that are off the beaten track.

The idea of venturing into wilderness areas might seem daunting at first. Nevertheless, with the correct arranging and readiness, it needn't be as alarming as you may imagine. Thankfully Jim De’Ath from outdoor gear experts Valley & Peak is here to give you some tips on what to take with you.

In order to truly hardess the joy that can come from wild camping, your trip requires thorough planning. It might sound obvious, but key items you should have on your list include reliable waterproofs, lightweight shelter options like tents or bivvy bags, sleeping mats and of course a cosy sleeping bag.

Wild camping can be a life-changing and truly memorable experience, but remember that comfort during the night can make or break even the most idyllic trip.

Sleeping Gear: The Heart of Comfortable Wild Camping

A high-quality sleeping bag can transform your wild camping experience from bearable to delightful. It provides warmth and comfort after a long day outdoors.

Besides the cosy confines of a good sleeping bag, you'll also need something between you and the cold ground - that's where a decently insulated sleeping mat comes in handy.

Know what you’re looking for before you set off, you don’t want to be too cold, but on the other hand, you don’t want to be wrapped up so warm you wake up sweating and dehydrated!

Tents vs Bivvy Bags: Which One Suits You Best?

Your choice of shelter significantly impacts how much you enjoy your wilderness stay. Tents are fantastic for space and protection against harsh weather conditions; however, they do add extra weight to your pack.

Bivvies can be almost as light as air. If you’re travelling light and it’s more important than having lots of room inside your shelter, then consider opting for a bivvy bag instead. They're incredibly lightweight and compact making them perfect if every ounce counts on those longer treks into nature's embrace.

Facing up to the challenges of wild camping can seem a bit daunting, but it's incredibly easy to navigate through them with some forethought and preparation.

Gain insight into the potential issues you may face and remain safe on your camping trip by following these key steps.

Efficient Packing For Extended Stays

If you're planning a long time away from home comforts, packing efficiently becomes crucial - it’s natural not wanting to carry more than necessary. 

A good idea here would be focusing on essentials and gear serving multiple functions – quality outdoor equipment designed specifically for lengthy trips comes handy in this regard.

Wild Camping

Packing Essentials: Balancing Your Camping Kit

A successful wild camping trip begins with smart packing. It's not just about throwing things into a rucksack; it's about laying out all your items, grouping them by use or need, removing unnecessary extras, and creating a balanced pack.

This approach is not only convenient but also ensures proper weight distribution in your backpack, which is crucial when trekking over varied terrains during extended trips.

Food Choices & Cooking Methods for Wild Camping

Now let's focus on nourishment on the trail. Dehydrated and freeze-dried foods are popular among seasoned campers due to their lightweight properties and high calorie content – essential energy providers that won't weigh down your bag.

Cooking methods also deserve careful consideration when planning your adventure. A gas stove emerges as an eco-friendly alternative to open fires - they're safer, easier to use, and cause minimal disturbance in natural settings.

Maintaining Hydration During Extended Trips

Last but certainly not least is water supply. It may seem trivial at first glance, of course you’ll drink water, right? But ensuring sufficient drinking water throughout the journey is paramount, especially when venturing off beaten paths where sources may be uncertain or unsafe for direct consumption.

Now that you've got a grasp on getting started in wild camping, why not equip yourself with quality outdoor gear from Valley & Peak? 

Check out our range here. We have everything you need to kickstart this incredible journey into the wilderness.

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