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Wild Space

What is a Wild Space?

CampWild is completely free for you to list your Wild Space. We care about connecting our community with their roots and wilderness. Giving them access to a wild camping space away from the hustle and bustle of busy urban lives, where they can breathe and just pause.

When it comes to your land, we care about how remote, how wild & how adventurous it is. Literally everything we do is designed around making it easy for people to find your sites so they can experience the huge benefits wilderness camping has to offer & you can reap the benefits, bookings and diversifying your income. 

If you want to bring life to your land and are keen to share your little piece of wilderness with the people of the UK, sign up here and be part of one of the most exciting wilderness adventure.

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Earn Money

Our members will pay you for the privilege of camping on your land & you have full control to charge as much or as little as you like. Our average nightly fee will range from £10-£20 but if you are unlocking a Wild Space that will blow people away, they are likely to pay that little more for it! 


We are talking passive, no-strings attached income that could exceed £1000 a year, simply for providing the permission for our members to camp responsibly. Any other activities or produce you provide on site or within the local community will be promoted as part of your space profile, encouraging our members to give back hyper-locally & further increasing the amount you & your neighbours could earn.

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Safeguarding Hosts Interest

Protecting the interests of you & the natural environment you are unlocking for our members is effectively priority number one for us at CampWild. It is critical that we build a relationship of trust between us, our members & you. 


It is why our Code of Conduct must be strictly adhered to & if it is abused we will reserve the right to immediately suspend or expel the member. This might sound severe to some but we believe it is a necessary policy to protect the wild spaces we are creating.

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Your Benefits

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Insurance Available

Removing barriers is a key mission for us at CampWild & we appreciate that one of those barriers to opening up your land is the liability that comes with it. We have solutions & if a Wild Space meets the right criteria, we insure CampWild members when accessing or using the space. 


Where there is no insurance available, our members have to agree to waive any liability against you, the landowner. If you already have public liability insurance in place, then this is not affected & will offer you extra protection, where necessary.

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No Planning Required

You do not need to have planning permission to create a Wild Space on your land. You can permit our members to camp up to 60 days a year, which covers most weekends through the spring & summer months.


We are working on becoming an exempted organisation by Natural England to certify your Wild Spaces. In doing so, enabling you to have our members year round & consequently generating more revenue.

Minimum Requirements

We ask very little of our Wild Space Hosts. You are busy people with land, business & families! Campsites are not an easy thing to build, maintain & manage, so that is why with Wild Spaces, our members literally only need somewhere to park & permission to access & stay at the designated Wild Spaces. 


Where needed, we can support you with any signage, guidance & set up. It’s our job to take the lion's share of the workload. If you want to meet & greet our members, then fantastic but equally, if you are happy to let them arrive, access & stay overnight without interruption, then that is also completely fine! 

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Leave it Better.

Our mantra is Leave it Better. We don’t want our members to simply leave no trace of them being there, we want them to adopt an attitude of improving & enhancing the natural environment & local community. This may mean removing any litter they find, supporting local rewilding & conservation efforts & giving back hyper-locally to support you as hosts & the community. 

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Simple Booking System

No frills, nothing fancy. Your Wild Space is available until it isn’t. Only our members can check availability & see the details required to access & use your Wild Space. Once they have booked dates, the space will become unavailable. 


We are working on a shared calendar facility so you can see at any time who has booked your space, when they are due to be there & any special conditions. At the end of every 3 months, we will send you a remittance slip & pay you for the use of your Wild Space. It is as simple as that.

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Your FAQs


1. What is a Wild Space?

Wild Spaces are locations on private land that have been granted access & permission by the host for wild camping. No facilities are required to be provided by the hosts, other than their terms, access, one parking space & permission to camp in / use a designated wild space(s) on their land. A Wild Space at its most basic level is a dry, semi-level area of ground that provides at least enough space for a single tent or hammock. The space will only ever accommodate up to a handful of small back/thru packing tents, medium-size family tents or where access is possible, a 4x4 Camper. CampWild members will be able to access a system that books these Wild Spaces, under the strict adherence of the CampWild Code of Conduct which requires members to leave no trace, remove all waste & adhere to the hosts terms.

2. Is my land suitable as a Wild Space?

The wilder the better. The whole principle of Wild Spaces is that they are not campsites. As long as they are semi-dry (are not waterlogged all the time) & are not on a vertical bank, then the reality is someone is likely to want to experience camping there. What we are building at CampWild is a network of the most varied Wild Spaces in the UK. Do you have space in your woodlands, edge of working forests, alongside streams, ponds or lakes, on moors, in old farm ruins, within meadows or even in the corners of working farms. There really is no ‘criteria’ for a Wild Space. Our members will want spaces that they can experience hammock camping, bivvying, as well as for the growing number of 4x4 & rooftop tent campers. Where a Wild Space is large enough, members with families can bring their little ones to experience the wild with larger tents or members can bring friends to create a more social wild experience.

3. How many 'pitches' can I have?

That is where our Wild Spaces differ from traditional campsites. Wild Spaces are intimate locations, One Wild Space will more than often only accommodate one CampWild member per night, offering unrivalled & immersive experience in nature. If you have a large enough space, then it could be that multiple members can camp together. It might also be that you have enough land to create multiple Wild Spaces. As long as they are far enough away from one another to not encroach on the experience, then you can add as many Wild Spaces per your land as you like!

4. What do I need to provide?

We have some pre-set questions about your site and may choose to set up a call to get the clearest picture we can. We like to know as much as we can about the site and the local area. We will also help to craft a Wildness Rating for your WildSpace by gathering information on location, facilities and other factors.

5. What's in it for me as a host?

In a word, income. You will gain access to our community of keen and responsible wild camping enthusiasts who will pay you to stay on your land. They will always abide by our rules, camping respectfully and leaving the site exactly as they found it.

6. Will it cost me anything?

No, there is no cost to register with us and the only charges are per booking. All you will need to ensure is that access to your site is maintained.

7. How much should I charge?

It depends on your space, we can help recommend an appropriate price or you can have a look at the competition and decide for yourself. Prices range from £10-£50+ per night.

8. How will your members book our Wild Space?

Your Wild Spaces are booked directly through CampWild. As your Wild Spaces are intimate & often single pitch (accommodating solo, family or small group camping), the member can check availability & pay through CampWild to reserve your next wild camping adventure.

9. How are you going to safeguard my interests?

This is of paramount importance to us. We have to have a relationship of trust between you, us & our members. Your interests & protecting the wild spaces themselves is effectively priority number one. We will do this by crowd-monitoring the condition of all Wild Spaces. Both you & the team at CampWild will know who is in a Wild Space & when. Any abuse found of the code of conduct will result in immediate suspension or expulsion as a member of CampWild. All our members sign up to a strict but necessary code of conduct & many of our community events & resources are built to educate members on how to leave it better than they found it. You can read our code of conduct here.

10. So, can I prevent certain visitors from coming to stay again?

Yes, if you find that any CampWild member has abused either the code of conduct or your specific guidelines for the use of your Wild Space, you have full control to request that member be removed. You also have the control to remove your Wild Space listing at any time, for example, if you are working the land for a period or access becomes temporarily unavailable.

11. Do I need planning permission?

No, we can currently grant 56 days per year usage as a campsite with no requirement for planning permission. We are seeking exempted status so we will soon be able to give this permission 365 days per year.

12. You say you are seeking exemption from planning? When & what does this mean?

Exempted status means we have the authority to grant permission for a site to be used as a campsite for our members 365 days per year with no requirement for planning permission.

13. What are the health and safety, and insurance implications of hosting?

We appreciate that one of the barriers to opening up your land is the liability that comes with it. We have solutions & if a Wild Space meets the right criteria, we insure CampWild members when accessing or using the space. Where there is no insurance available, our members have to agree to waive any liability against you, the landowner. If you already have public liability insurance in place, then this is not affected & will offer you extra protection, where necessary.

14. What is needed to allow 4x4 or roof top tent campers?

Nothing extra is needed other than your assurance that the access is suitable and an understanding that vehicles may leave tracks in wetter conditions. You can choose to add or remove vehicle camping from your WildSpace at any time.

15. How are you going to stop ruining nature and these wild places? Shouldn't we be leaving these spaces alone?

We absolutely shouldn’t be stopping people from accessing these beautiful wild places. Now more than ever, we need to be unlocking them, making them accessible but doing so in a managed, sustainable & responsible way. It is only really possible for people to understand the benefits nature can bring to them individually & collectively, if you are immersed in it. CampWild believes passionately in protecting our wild places but we must educate ourselves to do that. Our Code of Conduct, the single most important document for CampWild members, safeguards the wild spaces we unlock, as well as the hosts interests. Any abuse of this code will mean the immediate suspension of a member. That might sound extreme, however, it is a small price to pay to ensure we are able to continue unlocking nature for everyone.

16. How will I be paid?

You will be paid at the end of each quarter for all of the completed stays in that period. We will pay by BACS transfer to your nominated bank account.

Feel free to contact us with any added questions you may have to

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