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What We Do

CampWild came from our love for the outdoors – something we wanted to share with the world! In the UK, connecting with nature can come with a bit of baggage and it’s too easy for people to be discouraged and just give up.


So, we’ve made a tool to try and stop that from happening, open up more of the UK countryside and enable more people to experience the wilder side of life through wild camping. True wilderness is out there if you know where to look, and people of all ages and experience levels should have the opportunity to find it. As a member of CampWild, you can plan an off-grid adventure with confidence, whether you are a novice or a seasoned explorer.

CampWild UK About
Image by Jed Villejo

OK, so swapping stories round a metaphorical campfire is never the same as the real deal – but we can all learn from and be inspired by each other's adventurers. And that’s what CW Trail Tales is for.

Every new campsite or Wild Space is vetted by our founders, and we’ll [digitally] take you along for the trip. We also have a network of experienced campers heading out to find the hidden gems that surround them. Regular updates to our members will keep that ideas pot bubbling, and we can’t wait to see where CampWild will take you.


CampWild Wild Camping UK

Wild Spaces

Heaps of the UK countryside is locked up under private ownership – but it doesn’t have to stay this way. Through conversations with trusts, custodians and landowners, we’ve been able to create a network of completely remote, completely unique pitches for our members. A true, permitted, wild camping experience. Our Wild Spaces™ can be booked right here, so you disconnect from the modern world and reconnect with nature.

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Planning Tools

We’ve made CampWild as a one-stop-shop for wild camping trips, no matter what the scale. We want it to work for young family trips as well as multi-day solo hikes, and everything in between.

Check out the map, and you’ll find campsites, our Wild Spaces, plus viewpoints, rock faces, trails and more. Every campsite is marked according to our Wild Grade, so you can choose just how wild you want to go. CampWild saves you time and ditches all the worry around the unknowns.

CampWild Map
Wild Camping
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Wilder Campsites

We’ve painstakingly gathered a directory of the best wild campsites offering a more traditional, back-to-basics approach (that’s a whole lot of wild camping trips. Hard work, but someone has to do it.). Use the Wild Grade ratings to get a picture of what you’ll find when you arrive, there are plenty to choose from! What you can always expect though, is a secluded experience with plenty of space between tent pitches and a minimal impact on the surroundings.

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