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Answering your questions

CampWild is a concept different from other camping apps out there, which is why you might have some questions about it.

If your questions have not been answered, don't hesitate to get in touch. 

1. What are the key membership benefits? You can check out the full membership benefits here. Wild Spaces, the fastest growing network of permitted wild camp spots in the UK. A directory focused on the wildest campsites offering the best adventures. Our Wild Grade Tool, simply discover your next camping adventure. A host of membership benefits offered by our brand & corporate partners. Being part of a community of like-minded people, all here for one reason; To build, experience & share real camping adventures. All for just £20 a year… what are you waiting for?

2. What makes you different from all the other campsite search websites? Simply, a focus on & a passion for wild camping & adventure. When it comes to campsites, we care about how remote, how wild & how adventurous it is. Literally everything we do is designed around making it easy for you to find these sites so you can experience the huge benefits wilderness camping has to offer. No more searching through caravan parks, manicured lawn campsites, modern facilities & whether a campsite has a childrens playground or a swimming pool). With CampWild, you dive straight into the wildest campsites going, where you can swim in rivers, get lost in forests, swap stories behind a campfire & reconnect with nature.

​3. How do you book a campsite? You don’t book a Wilder Campsite through our directory. Our focus is to enable you to simply & intelligently discover this amazing network of campsites offering wilder camping experiences & adventures. Once you have found what you are looking for, we give you all the information you need to contact & book directly with the wilder campsite host. Our Wild Spaces are booked directly through CampWild. As our Wild Spaces are intimate & often single pitch (accommodating solo, family or small group camping), you can check availability & pay through CampWild to reserve your next wild camping adventure.

​4. What are the costs? A membership fee is £20 a year. That’s it. There are no hidden or extra fees to pay to become a member. We are not a booking system for our wilder campsite directory, so we don’t take a booking fee or payment for your stay. When you have found the place you want to go on a camping adventure, you simply contact the hosts & book directly with them. Costs vary depending on the type of wilder campsite, but are on average £20 a night. The average nightly price of our Wild Spaces is just £10 & you book directly with CampWild. We currently don’t have plans to take a fee when you book a Wild Space & we pass on 100% of the Wild Space price to the hosts.

5. What is a Wild Space? Wild Spaces are locations on private land that have been granted access & permission by the host for wild camping. No facilities are required to be provided by the hosts, other than their terms, access, one parking space & permission to camp in / use a designated wild space(s) on their land. A Wild Space at its most basic level is a dry, semi-level area of ground that provides at least enough space for a single tent or hammock. The space will only ever accommodate up to a handful of small back/thru packing tents, medium-size family tents or where access is possible a 4x4 Camper. CampWild members will be able to access a system that books these Wild Spaces, under the strict adherence of the CampWild Code of Conduct which requires members to leave no trace, remove all waste & adhere to the hosts terms.

​6. Can I bring friends? Absolutely! Camping is about making memories with the closest people in your life. Each of your friends will need a membership to be able to book Wild Places or make the most of the CampWild member benefits.

​7. Do you offer family memberships? An annual £20 membership applies to a family (i.e two adults & children). You will only need a single membership per household to make the most of all the benefits CampWild enables.

8. Can I bring my campervan / motorhome? A number of the Wilder Campsites allow small campervans, mainly in the summer season. Some allow them all year round, use our Wild Grade Tool to simply search where you can go. Very few of our wilder campsites allow motorhomes. Our Wild Spaces are designed primarily for tent camping, with a number allowing for 4x4 camper access. Watch this space as we build our Wild Space network & open up more sites to campervans!

9. How are you going to stop people ruining nature & these wild places? Shouldn’t we be leaving these places alone? We absolutely shouldn’t be stopping people from accessing these beautiful wild places. Now more than ever, we need to be unlocking them, making them accessible but doing so in a managed, sustainable & responsible way. It is only really possible for people to understand the benefits nature can bring to them individually & collectively, if you are immersed in it. CampWild believes passionately in protecting our wild places but we must educate ourselves to do that. Our Code of Conduct, the single most important document for CampWild members, safeguards the wild spaces we unlock, as well as the hosts interests. Any abuse of this code will mean the immediate suspension of a member. That might sound extreme, however, it is a small price to pay to ensure we are able to continue unlocking nature for everyone.

10. Is it possible to be more involved in helping build CampWild? Yes, yes, yes. CampWild is entirely community-driven & we want you to contribute to its future. There is a blank page when it comes to the community benefits CampWild can build & we are looking to build a group of ‘Wildlings’ to support that. If you are interested in helping us evolve, get in touch at

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Quick Fire Q&

A major part of CampWild is access to our Wild Spaces. You might have a few questions as it's kinda different to other camp sites out there. So here are answers to your quick fire questions. 


​1. Do friends need to become members if they are camping in a Wild Space with me? ​ Yes they do, only CampWild members with valid membership numbers can book or use Wild Spaces as we need accountability of all members on site.

2. How soon can I start using Wild Spaces? Straight away. We are setting out on a huge project to unlock Wild Spaces in every corner of the country, so we will be revealing new locations month in, month out for the rest of time. We are launching with 15 Spaces, but just watch that number grow!

​3. ​Are there any rules for using Wild Spaces? Yes there are sacred & vital rules governing the use, behavior in & access to a Wild Space. Our Code of Conduct & the terms set out in the Wild Space booking agreement must be adhered to at all times. We operate a strict moderation of the Code of Conduct & where a member has been found to have knowingly or purposefully abused any part of the code or the terms specific to a Wild Space, they will be immediately removed as a member. We appreciate this might sound like a severe punishment, however, the protection of the Wild Space is of paramount importance & we must always take this position seriously. We also operate a ‘Snap in, Snap out’ system. This requires a member to take a photo when they have set up their camp at a Wild Space & also to take a photo after they have packed away their camp. Within 24 hours of leaving the Wild Space, the member must respond to their confirmation email/text with those photos. This allows the CampWild team to monitor the use & condition of the space.

4. Can I cancel my Wild space booking? Yes, you can cancel with a full refund up to 2 days before your booking begins. Within 2 days, you are charged 100% of your booking fee, however, we will always try our best to accommodate a transfer of booking to another date or another wild space.


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