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The Wild Grade


Our directory of campsites and Wilder Spaces gives you a huge range of options for your next trip – whether you’re after serenity and solitude, or an adrenaline-fuelled adventure! The choice can be a little overwhelming though, so we’ve developed the Wild Grade to help you narrow things down and find the perfect pitch.


Some creature comfort

Totally intrepid

How We Grade

Every site’s overall Wild Grade score is a combination of three metrics: the scale of the facilities available, how remote access to the site is, and how nearby you will find some adventurous activities.

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The facilities rating grades our wilder campsites on how many modern conveniences are on hand. At the top end of the scale (grade 5), you’ll find sites that offer somewhere to refreeze your ice packs and charge your devices. At the other end, you’re pretty much looking at a full off-grid experience – running water and soft ground is as luxurious as it gets!

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Many of the sites on our directory have been chosen for the abundance of activities in the immediate surroundings. From foraging and nature walks to scrambling and mountain biking: the higher the grade, the more options you have to choose from!

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Now, none of our sites are in the ‘drive up and plug in the caravan’ blueprint – but there’s still a bit of a scale on the wilder side. Grade 1 sites allow you to park a car a short walk from your pitch and share s’mores with your neighbours, whereas those at the higher end may require you to have a few snacks and some decent boots on before you’re able to reach camp.

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