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Discover the UK’s wildest campsites rooted in nature and adventure.

We have collaborated with campsite hosts who provide more than just a camping pitch. Our hand-picked selection of Wild Campsites offer unique nature based experiences and accessible adventures immersed in the most beautiful locations across the UK.


Discover an unforgettable night under the stars with over 200+ profiles to guide you to find your wild camping experience.

Our network of Wilder Campsites offer experiences like no other, that will take you as far away from modern life as you can get. 

Forget plush showers and heading to the bar on site for the evening, every wild camping site offers something much wilder, much more connected, much more adventurous and will leave you with nothing but a sense of awe inspiring freedom and memories to last a lifetime.


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Wild camping under the stars offers a true adventurous connection to nature, something that everyone should experience. 

Each of our Wilder Campsite profiles will guide you through everything you need to know about the site and the experience they are offering so you can find a night in the wild that is right for you. 

Our Wildness, Facilities, Adventure and overall Wild Grades help breakdown each element of the site so you can dig into the detail when planning your trip.

Wild Camping Dartmoor


Finding a wild campsite is more than just about booking an allocated space to pitch up for the evening.

Our guided network of Wilder Campsites are far more than this, each and every site has been selected for good reason; the hosts care deeply about and are delivering wonderful wild experiences that expose you to some of the UK’s most memorable adventures. 



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