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Wild Spaces and Wilder Campsites - What's the difference

Updated: Mar 15

wilder campsites

If you’re new to CampWild (and as we write this, everybody is!) you may be a little curious as to what the differences between Wilder Campsites and Wild Spaces are. Here, we shine a light on our vision of back-to-basics camping adventures. We feel now more than ever it is vital for our mental and emotional wellbeing to get back into these wilder and remote places to escape, switch off and to be immersed in nature. Our platform gives you two routes to them, with different levels of wilderness!

wilder campsites

Wild Spaces - the revolution in camping experience:

Our Wild Spaces enable permitted wild camping: ensuring a worry-free experience in the great outdoors. We are working closely with a variety of landowners, as well as businesses and conservation NGOs to provide truly unique, diverse and breathtaking Wild Spaces, across every corner of the UK.

You will find them in the corners of farm fields, between the trees of secluded woodland, overlooking wildflower meadows, and on the banks of dancing streams. Wild Spaces will be everywhere and as a member, they will be available for you to book directly on from the CampWild platform.

We believe everyone should be able to experience the incredible adventure that is wild camping. We are removing the barriers that make it inaccessible to the many, by providing you with the information you need before you go, the permission you need to remove any anxiety and the resources you need to enjoy and protect our Wild Spaces. Wild Spaces cost very little to use, with all fees paid directly to the Host. Once you have selected your date and booked a space, our system will reveal your chosen Wild Space’s exact location, along with a route card to help you plan your adventure. You will receive text updates and will be asked to 'snap in, snap out' of the space, taking photos of your camp set up before and after so we can monitor use of every Wild Space.

wilder campsites

Wilder Campsites - A stepping stone into nature:

We have been scouring the UK to find the best and wildest campsites going. These are landowners who have already taken the next step and converted their beautiful spaces into campsites, but retaining the essence of what makes it wild.

These campsites will often be minimalistic with few to no amenities and may require a short hike to reach your sleeping area. We can guarantee that the experience will be well worth it, as you'll be fully immersed in nature with breathtaking views and complete seclusion. All of our Wilder Campsite hosts are committed to caring for the landscape and delivering unforgettable experiences for you, the guests.

Each Wilder Campsite in our directory is meticulously profiled, in a very different way to what you might find on the well-known campsite booking platforms. We care about wildness, adventure and the experience you will have - and these factors can be quickly filtered and researched using our Wild Grade tools. We are not a booking agent for these Wilder Campsites: we encourage you to book and reserve your spot directly with the hosts, via links provided on each profile.

wilder campsites

Which one is right for me?

It depends on what type of adventure you are looking for! Members with less wilder camping experience and accompanied by young children may want to explore our diverse range of Wilder Campsites, using the Wild Grade tools to level up each time. These campsites offer a sense of wilderness but with a few creature comforts to ease you in. However, if you have some wild camping experience, and are seeking solitude or a little bit more of a challenge, then our Wild Spaces will be the perfect fit for you. As we add new spaces, you can explore the most beautiful parts of the UK for yourself, taking a break from it all to escape and be present.

As always, if you have any questions, never hesitate to reach out to our team who will gladly support you on your quest for wilderness.

We can't wait to welcome you to our community. Join us for the journey and become a member today for just £20.

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