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Welcome to Leave It Better Week 2023: Igniting Collective Change ♾️

Updated: Mar 15

leave it better

In a world often drowned by the noise of daily life, Leave It Better Week 2023 will become a symphony of voices raised higher, resonating with the potential for collective transformation.

This week, we're thrilled to join forces with the exceptional minds behind To Rise To Roam (TRTR), an enterprise rooted in the heart of the Peak District, nurtured by the splendor of the Great Outdoors.

Annie's vision at TRTR dances harmoniously with CampWild's essence. For us, triumph isn't merely the balance on the P&L; it's the intricate web of influence our endeavors weave across our environment, our communities, and the world at large. The bedrock of both CampWild and TRTR rests upon the aspiration to inspire a profound reverence for nature, coupled with the unwavering commitment to enjoy it responsibly.

Leave It Better: a phrase that transcends the realm of corporate mission statements or rulebooks, unfurling into something far grander. It embodies a paradigm shift—shifting perspectives, molding behaviors, and ceaselessly delving into the mysteries of the natural world we're fortunate to call home. Our goal extends beyond urging our community to leave no trace; we're here to kindle the ethos of 'I Will Leave It Better', for fellow humans, future generations, and above all, for the irreplaceable planet we share.

So, what does 'Leave It Better' truly mean? While the phrase isn't novel, its imperative power is timeless. It beckons not just responsible conduct in the wild, but an audacious ownership of our actions and their ripple effects on others. Curiously, the resistance to picking up another's discarded refuse unveils a prevalent societal sentiment—it's someone else's concern, right? This mentality, we contend, encapsulates one of the chief obstacles of our era. In 2023, the imperative is unequivocal: we must embrace responsibility for all actions, not just our own.

Enriching our wild spaces and safeguarding the outdoors hinges upon a communal responsibility. This shared duty echoes in the face of the daunting challenge posed by human-driven climate change. Can a solitary soul tackle it all? The answer surfaces when that lone soul merges with a collective—a network, a populace united in the same pursuit. Annie, of TRTR, discerns this truth keenly. Each individual might be a droplet, but together, we form a torrent of transformation.

At CampWild, Leave It Better becomes an embodiment of our dedication to substantial, affirmative change. It intertwines seamlessly with the enduring principles of Leave No Trace, harmonizes with established endeavors like the Countryside Code and Scottish Outdoor Access Code. Furthermore, it provides the framework for the CampWild Code—a solemn vow undertaken by each CampWild member upon joining our ranks. This oath transcends mere commitment to leaving no trace; it forges a bond of trust and respect with those entrusted with the stewardship of our environment. CampWild isn't just about wild camping; it's building a bridge connecting local communities with custodians of the land, fostering harmony.

Action, the heartbeat of our community, pulses from every corner. Our pledge? To align with the beacons of change already out there—remarkable groups, enterprises, and individuals already championing the cause of good. Think of the likes of Trash Free Trails, the ingenuity of Waterhaul, the spirit of Ryde, and the incredible collaboration with this week's partner: To Rise To Roam.

Every few moons, Annie and her cohort rally their community for action days—a call to leave spaces better than they were found. On the designated weekend, they step into the outdoors, cleansing and revitalizing, a labour of love rewarded with bespoke tokens. This imminent weekend marks another such call, and our voices shall ring louder than ever, rallying more hearts to make a difference.

The curtain rises on our exhilarating endeavor: Leave It Better Week. We unveil the CampWild Code, etching our commitment into the collective consciousness. Over the years, this week shall transform into a beacon of national positivity. If these words motivate even a few more to step out, to champion change, every keystroke of this blog finds its purpose fulfilled!

This weekend, embrace the call: a bag for refuse, a picker for litter, and the unyielding resolve to Leave It Better.

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