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Accessible Outdoor Opportunities: Millimetres 2 Mountains

Updated: Mar 15

A group of people on the coast path holding a black banner

We have always felt truly privileged to have been brought up surrounded in such a stunning location and have developed the confidence and skills to venture out into some pretty wild locations across the UK and we have certainly brought home some stories to tell. When we started out on our journey our hearts were always set on creating experiences to enable everyone to embrace a sense of adventure, excitement and connection to the great outdoors. The benefits of just spending time outside have been proven time and time again, take this a step further to setting out on an adventure into a wild location opens up a whole new level of excitement and opportunity for personal growth. Why shouldn't everyone have the opportunity to engage in this type of experience?

The answer to the above is quite simple; everyone should have accessible outdoor opportunities to step outside into wild locations and create their own adventurous experience, big or small. The positive impact creating a sense of exploration in an outdoor environment is ridiculously clear and it’s something that can benefit us all hugely. This is why when we heard about Millimetres to Mountains, and the hugely positive work they are doing, we couldn't have been more excited to talk to them about creating a long term partnership.

Three people hiking on the coastal path

Millimetres 2 Mountains was born after our Founder Ed Jackson sustained a spinal cord injury in 2017. Through his own recovery Ed realised the impact of what challenging himself in the outdoors and having a strong support system was having on his recovery. He then set out to replicate that for other people that had undergone traumatic incidents in the form of M2M. Read more about Ed's story.

M2M believe in the undeniable healing powers of the outdoors and adventure. Every year they take beneficiaries facing mental health struggles because of adversity on challenges across the globe. These trips act as the catalyst for change after which they offer on-going support in the form of life coaching, funding towards therapy, career grants and much more to ensure the individual can realise that change and take steps towards a brighter future.

Ed Jackson: “After first chatting to Tom it was clear that M2M x CampWild had a lot in common. The main thing being we both want to break down barriers to accessing the great outdoors. We’re really excited to open up the CampWild membership to our beneficiaries for free so they can begin to explore these untapped places. Thank you for all of your support so far!”

The positive impact that M2M are having and will continue to have on the beneficiaries that enter into their community is truly remarkable. Our missions to connect people to the power of the outdoors couldn't be more aligned and we are hugely excited to be able to offer free membership to all of M2M beneficiaries along with free access to our network of Wild Spaces. The partnership between Camp Wild’s and M2M’s for us feels like the start of an adventure; as our network of Wild Spaces and community continues to grow we are excited to venture towards new peaks and welcome M2M into our family as we work collaboratively to create positive connective adventurous experiences.

Check out more about Millimetres 2 Mountains and follow along our partnership journey!

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