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Wild Spaces™ - Your Gateway to Adventure

Updated: Mar 15

Hey Campers! Close your eyes and imagine: a hidden realm where the modern humdrum fades into oblivion, replaced by the symphony of rustling leaves and the canvas of star-studded skies.

This is CampWild, your portal to the extraordinary, where we're rewriting the story of wild camping. Our mission? To hand you the keys to unlock the wilderness, to venture into the unknown and awaken your spirit of adventure. Join us as we embark on a journey that provides you with the tools and knowledge to experience the magic of our Wild Spaces™ firsthand.

Intrigued? Let's dive into our mission and story:

Founding Passion and Purpose

About two decades ago, Tom and I discovered our deep love for the wilderness during our wild camping escapades across Dartmoor's enchanting hills. Fast forward to today, and wild camping remains the tether grounding us amid the complexities of adult life. Our bond with nature is unbreakable, prompting us to question why others aren't experiencing the same profound connection.

Both of us were lucky to have parents who exposed us to camping in the great outdoors from a young age. As the years went by, we honed our survival skills and wilderness expertise through various adventures. We couldn’t shake the misconception that camping beneath the stars in remote locations is only for the rugged few, that didn't sit right with us. This belief fuelled the inception of CampWild—a platform aimed at bridging this accessibility gap and offering everyone the chance to forge a connection with nature.

The Path to Unveiling Wild Spaces™

Getting to a space intimate in nature demands a certain level of know-how and skill to ensure comfort, safety, and pure enjoyment. We're aware that this process can take years to master, which is why we've simplified it, bringing the magic of sleeping under the starlit sky a little closer to all of you. Here's where our unique process of discovering and setting up Wild Spaces™ comes into play.

Each Wild Space™ has been scouted repeatedly to identify the best spots, assess the terrain, map out the journey, and even collaborate with landowners and conservation partners. This meticulous approach leads to some exciting features:

1. Profiles for Your Adventure

Every Wild Space™ has a detailed profile that equips you with essential information and tools to gauge whether it suits your skill level, fitness, and outdoor adventure desires. We've designed this profile to be your ultimate guide, helping you decide which space is tailor-made for your needs.

2. Your Route to Adventure

Your Wild Space™ escape is booked. Now it is time to prepare. Along with your booking confirmation, you'll receive a unique Route Card for that specific space. This card provides clear directions to the Wild Space™ , safety instructions, insights into local flora and fauna, and key points of interest. It's like having a personal adventure compass at your fingertips.

A CampWild Experience

Wondering what it's truly like to book a Wild Space™ and experience it firsthand? Let's journey with Melissa, a seasoned wild camper, and her exploration of one of our hidden gems nestled deep in Dartmoor National Park:

“Having Dartmoor on my bucket list for ages, I was thrilled when the opportunity arose to finally explore it. As a solo camper, I always scope out spots for safety, but time wasn't on my side this time. CampWild swooped in to save the day! Booking Wild Spaces through their profiles and receiving exclusive access felt fantastic. The detailed route card? A lifesaver, with crystal-clear directions and useful info.

The hike to my Wild Space was a fairy tale brought to life—wildflowers, ancient trees, streams, and meadows painting the landscape. Arriving, I navigated a couple of gates, and there it was: a majestic tree providing the perfect shelter for my night under the stars. I felt secure and cozy, knowing this serene slice of nature was mine alone, shared only with curious ponies and deer.”

Our Commitment to Reconnect

Through these intimate and accessible Wild Spaces, Camp Wild aims to reignite the lost connection between people and nature. In a world consumed by distractions, taking a step back to embrace the natural world can be life-changing. We're on a mission to reintroduce the UK to the great outdoors, and every week, we're excited to bring more and more Wild Spaces online, waiting for you to forge your connection.

So there you have it, fellow adventurers! CampWild—your passport to untamed, unforgettable experiences with nature. Join us in this journey of reconnection, and let's embrace the wild together!

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Are these spaces private once booked or can multiple people book the same space?

Replying to

Hey Rachael - once a Wild Space is booked, it is yours. Intimately & exclusively. You can of course, choose to go with friends or family if the space allows but it will only ever be the people who have booked that are there. Happy Camping!

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