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The Ultimate Camping Partnership

We have been holding this one in for a while now... but here we are and we can finally tell you that we are proud to announce our new strategic partnership with Vango, one of the oldest, largest, and most renowned camping brands in the UK. 

This collaboration brings together our vibrant community and Vango's extensive range of high-quality camping products to collaboratively remove any intimidation around camping kit, specifically for wild camping. 

The partnership initially focuses on several exciting initiatives:

1. Kit Grading System: We have been working behind the scenes with Vango to introduce a Kit Grading System that aligns Vango's extensive product range with our Wild Grade system, ensuring our community can easily find the gear that suits their specific needs, depending on the space they are intending to visit. 

2. National Outdoor Expo: The partnership will be showcased at the 2024 National Outdoor Expo in Birmingham, where we will collaborate to bring expertise on kit and equipment to the event, offering valuable insights to outdoor enthusiasts looking to access and explore nature.

3. Exclusive Kit & Equipment Resources: Our community can look forward to exclusive content, how-to tips, guides, and resources from Vango, which will help to demystify camping equipment, and make it accessible and approachable for all.

Talking about the partnership Tom Backhouse, co-founder of CampWild, said, “Joining forces with Vango is a big milestone for us; to partner with a brand that totally shares our passion for making camping accessible to everyone is really exciting. This strategic partnership aligns perfectly with our mission of helping people access, explore, and camp in unique locations, while also ensuring they have the right gear for the adventure.”

Vango, with over 60 years of expertise in the camping industry, is known for its diverse range of camping products catering to all levels of outdoor enthusiasts. Chris Bishop, Marketing Manager  for Vango’s Technical portfolio, said, “CampWild has been a key advocate for our brand, and we are proud to support their mission of outdoor access and the alignment with our goals of increasing access and engagement with the great outdoors. This partnership enables us to further contribute to the camping community by providing quality equipment and expertise for a wide range of camping experiences that CampWild is facilitating for its members.”

Vango's extensive product range, covering everything from family camping to technical mountaineering, aligns perfectly with our goal of removing intimidation around camping equipment, particularly for wild camping. The affordability, technical prowess, and diversity of Vango's offerings make them an ideal partner for our inclusive mission.

Concludes Tom Backhouse: “As the partnership unfolds, I am truly excited about the positive impact we can make on the camping community; making outdoor adventures not only more accessible, but as safe and as enjoyable as possible for everyone.”

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