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Top 5 Winter Wild Spaces to Wild Camp

Updated: Mar 15

Snow covering the landscape at Rippon Tor, Dartmoor

Welcome to the heart of the camping revolution. We’re here to redefine what it means to camp in the colder months and why, with careful planning, you might just find that it’s your new favourite thing. Join us as we explore the UK's top 5 Wild Spaces to wild camp, each handpicked for its unique character and readiness for winter. These aren't just spots to pitch your tent, they're your gateways to disconnect, reset, and find adventure - whatever the weather.

1. Rippon Tor

Rippon Tor, the highest point in East Dartmoor, is an exclusive CampWild space offering a winter camping experience like no other. Privately managed by a family with a deep connection to the land, Rippon Tor is a haven for those seeking a blend of adventure and history. Its elevated position provides epic 360-degree views of East Dartmoor and Devon, creating a backdrop for unforgettable sunrises and star-lit nights. The area, rich in Bronze Age and mediaeval relics, allows you to sleep amidst history, with the peace of winter adding to its charm. It’s giving Game of Thrones! 

Rippon Tor offers a quieter winter camping experience, away from the tourist crowds at nearby tors, It's a challenging yet rewarding destination, especially during the colder months, with the need to be self-sufficient and mindful of the changing weather. CampWild has established two camping locations on either side of the tor to provide shelter from the prevailing winds. This space is not just about the landscape; it's about embracing the true essence of wild camping, with an expectation of minimal impact and a deep respect for the natural and historical significance of the area. Rippon Tor, in its winter cloak, is an invitation to step into a world of rugged wilderness, perfect for those seeking a profound connection with nature. 

Our Route Cards for CampWild members, will guide you to the best spots, taking into consideration the winter conditions and local terrain.

2. Nethergill Woods

Nethergill Woods in the Yorkshire Dales is a true wild camping gem, especially for winter adventurers. Tucked away in Nethergill Farm's 300-acre expanse and with no phone signal, this Wild Space is a serene escape into nature. The woods, set across the River Wharfe, are a picturesque blend of native broadleaf trees and grassy banks, ideal for pitching a small tent. The winter months add a tranquil beauty to the landscape. 

What sets Nethergill Woods apart is its balance between wild isolation and accessible amenities. A short walk from the campsite takes you to the farm’s education barn, where basic facilities like toilets and hot water are available. The journey to the campsite itself is an adventure, transitioning from marked paths to the untamed beauty of the woods and river. This contrast offers a unique winter camping experience - close enough to amenities for comfort, yet immersed in a wild, natural setting. It’s an ideal choice for those looking to dip their toes into winter camping, offering both the buzz of the wilderness and the safety of nearby facilities. Experience the magic of a winter night under the stars, just as one of our CampWild members did on New Year's Eve. What a start to the year! 

3. Start Point View

Start Point View in South Devon, renowned for its dark skies, is a Wild Space that captures the essence of coastal camping all year round. Perched on a hillside with a south-facing view, this space offers unobstructed panorama. It's a place where green pastures give way to stunning views of Start Bay and the surrounding woodlands. The South West Coast Path is just a five-minute walk away, making Start Point View not only an ideal retreat for those seeking solitude but also an ideal stop for hikers. The unique location combines seclusion, open space, and direct connection to the coast path. Doesn’t get better than that, does it?

Access to Start Point View is winter-proof, with road connectivity allowing for parking close by during wetter months and vehicle access for small campers and rooftop tents in dryer conditions. The short walk to the site, ascending a moderate hill, is rewarded with an epic view that unfolds as you hike. The site offers good, fairly flat ground conditions, though it can be exposed to strong southerly winds. A sheltered area behind a fence line provides refuge if needed. This space is a perfect blend of easy access and immersive natural beauty, offering far-reaching views, abundant with local wildlife and offering  ample opportunities to connect with the great outdoors of the south coast, whatever the weather. .

4. Caradon Rainforest

Caradon Rainforest, at the foothill of Bodmin Moor, Cornwall - defies the conventions of winter camping in the UK. As a hidden treasure within CampWild's exclusive wild spaces, it offers a winter escape that's nothing short of magical. Stepping into this Atlantic Rainforest, you'll be transported to a world that feels otherworldly, where rare plants, lichens, fungi, and wildlife roam. Even in the colder months, Caradon Rainforest proves itself a stand out destination. 

Accessed via a steep trail, this unique wild space is cocooned by ancient oaks, hazels, and beech trees. Beyond the lush rainforest, a river flows, home to a family of otters. It's an ideal spot for those looking to dip, swim, and explore the edges of the rainforest. Hopefully by now we’ve set the scene: an immersive experience where you can disconnect from the outside world and create lasting memories. Explore a world where nature has taken over, ancient trees form a lush canopy, and mosses and lichens create deep green walls amongst the snow.

5. Tall Pines

Tall Pines offers a serene and sheltered escape from the winter chill. Under the protective canopy of evergreen pines, this exclusive wild space provides a haven for all-weather adventurers. The dense foliage of the towering pines acts as a natural windbreak, shielding campers from the brunt of even the harshest weather, making it an ideal spot to set up camp during the colder months. Access is convenient, with closely packed tree trunks for hanging your hammock. 

The wildlife remains active even in winter, adding an extra layer of charm (and entertainment!) to your camping experience. As you chill in your hammock amidst the towering trees, you might spot Goshawks soaring high above, and the forest floor continues to be frequented by Muntjac deer. Each season here offers a unique insight into the natural habitat and intimate connection to nature.  Whether you're searching for the perfect spot to set up your hammock or simply want to lose yourself in the woods, this Wild Space offers seclusion and intimacy, making you feel far removed from the outside world. 

Ready to get outside and explore wild spaces this winter? View our Wild Spaces and book now.

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My wife and I are new to hiking/bike packing/wild camping and just went for our first winter camp last weekend (second camp ever) in East Meon. Very very cold but loved it! We are desperate to get out more in winter, but really struggle to find campsites/wild spots that are open or near enough to us in Surrey. If anyone knows of anywhere we can go that is 90 mins or so drive from Surrey we would be really interested. We might try the secret campsite near Lewes in a week or so, but keen for more options. We, well I, am not quite brave enough to wild camp just yet, so need a bit more practise first!



Hi Sam, Winter Camping is a whole new experience and I hope you enjoyed your camp in East Meon and managed to keep warm enough! We have a couple of wild spaces in surrey at the moment that would be an amazing option to try Wild Camping for the first time. Give us a shout on the email below if yu have any more questions. Happy to help. Happy Camping! Alex (co-founder, CampWild)

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