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Gift What Matters Most This Christmas.

We think it’s fair to say in some way we all feel the growing pressure that Christmas gifting brings. This period now seems to be a delicate balancing act of ensuring you bring joy into people's lives but with over £700 million being spent annually on unwanted Christmas gifts we all have our part to play in removing unnecessary waste. This really can create an insurmountable amount of pressure to tick both boxes and give something meaningful and sustainable whilst ensuring that all important loved ones will actually enjoy it. Throw a cost of living crisis into the mix and that’s enough to scare anyone away from buying gifts this year. Well we don't think things need to be overly complicated, more often than not it's the simple things in life that are most spending time in a tranquil Wild Space (see a selection of our spaces below).

The concept of ‘Christmas Gifts’ on surface value seems to be a step away from our mission to get people outside, reconnecting and experiencing nature, but if you dig a little deeper the idea of gifting someone time in nature could not be more rooted and aligned with our core values and poses a huge opportunity for meaningful gifts that actual bring about real life shared experiences. We wish nothing more than to see a community of kindred spirits grow together, sharing these experiences in adventure and nature, and ultimately creating powerful memories that go way beyond any physical gift that you can hold in your hand.

We have kept things pretty simple in terms of how you can help facilitate a loved one to spend time outside throughout 2024 and we have 3 exciting options for that special someone.

Gain 12 Months Membership to the CampWild platform for 2024 and unlock:

  • Access to a network of over 100+ Wild Spaces

  • Access to our guide to over 200+ Wilder Campsites

  • Use of our Wild Camping resource library and Podcast

  • Special offers, discounts and behind the scenes content form over 20 Outdoor Brands.

  • Become part of a kick arse community that is pioneering adventures and changing the way we connect to the great outdoors in the UK.

In addition to unlocking CampWild membership this prescription note allows you to offers an additional value so that special someone (or just you, it’s okay to buy for yourself!) can book time in a Wild Space. This gift has been built around ‘prescribing time in the Wild’ for good reason; the spaces that have been unlocked across the UK are quite literally life changing and the physical and mental benefits that one can gain from spending time are phenomenal. Temperate Rainforests, Wild Flower Meadows, Ancient Woodland bordered by nature rich rivers right the way through to some of the most interesting historical sites the UK has to offer, our network of growing Wild Spaces offer something truly different for 2024.

  • 12 Months CampWild Membership

  • Gift voucher to book time in a Wild Space

Now if you are really looking to find a wholesome gift for someone that needs throwing into nature this year then our branded Stainless Steel Adventure Tin has got it all. Not only does this include a year's worth of CampWild membership + time in a Wild Space with our Prescription Note we have added in all the extras to make it a gift worth giving:

  • CampWild branded stainless steel mess tin

  • 12 months CampWild membership

  • Gift voucher to book time in a Wild Space

  • Reasonably sourced bamboo adventure spork

  • Thick ribbed knitted CampWild Beanie

  • CampWild membership patch

  • Guide to our Wild Spaces

  • CampWild Sticker set

Check out all of our Christmas Gifting options in the CampWild Store.

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