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Join the Camping Revolution

We have big plans for CampWild & we want you to be part of it. 

CampWild is completely free for you to list your campsite. We care about connecting our community with the experiences & adventures you offer & that is why we are not charging fees to feature, list or profile wilder campsites. We are not a booking system & for the foreseeable, we don’t intend on being one.

When it comes to campsites, we care about how remote, how wild & how adventurous it is. Literally everything we do is designed around making it easy for people to find your sites so they can experience the huge benefits wilderness camping has to offer & you can reap the benefits from consistent bookings & a whole new audience.

If you want to promote your Wilder Campsite to our audience of outdoor fanatics and bring more people to your pitches, sign up below or get in touch!​


The wilder the better! 

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Your Questions, Answered.

What is a Wilder Campsite?


CampWild has built a directory of over 200 campsites around the UK, that already offer a much wilder camping experience.


We want to place these sites on a platform that cares about creating adventures from camping, promoting their experiences to a like-minded community. There are other campsite listing websites, but CampWild is being built focused solely around wilder campsites & the adventures that can be found there. 


There are no fees to join as a ‘Wilder Campsite’ & we have frozen all listing fees for three years to ensure we can grow the community first & the demand required to scale. 


What is this Wild Grade? 


All the listed sites (& Wild Spaces) have a Wild Grade. This grade takes into consideration the wildness of the location, available facilities & access to adventure. It considers factors such as; dark skies, number of pitches, firepits, dogs, views, opening times, host terms & more.  


The Wild Grade provides a unique & simple way to discover, plan & create camping adventures around the UK. 



What makes you different from all these other ‘campsite search’ websites? 


Simply, a focus on & a passion for wild camping & adventure. When it comes to campsites, we care about how remote, how wild & how adventurous it is. Literally everything we do is designed around making it easy for you to find these sites so you can experience the huge benefits wilderness camping has to offer. 


No more searching through caravan parks, manicured lawn campsites, modern facilities & whether a campsite has a children's playground or a swimming pool). With CampWild, you dive straight into the wildest campsites, where you can swim in rivers, get lost in forests, swap stories behind a campfire & reconnect with nature. 


Are you a booking system? Why would we be interested if you don’t offer a booking facility? 


There are lots of booking websites out there. We don’t intend on becoming another one for the sake of it.

Our goal is to build a community & place the spotlight on a wilder camping adventure. We are doing this by building a directory of campsites like your own, unlocking wild spaces around the UK for permitted wild camping & bringing a host of other benefits to our community. This is more important than a booking system right now. 


Our directory will be unlike anything else you can find in the UK & will revolutionise the way people discover & build camping adventures. Become part of it today. 


What do you need from us to be listed on CampWild? 


We want to get to know you & your campsite. The more we know, the more passionate we can be (not as much as you!) when creating the profiles that will attract people to go adventure. 


We want to visit your campsite & we can’t wait to meet you but to get started we have some pre-set questions about your site and you may choose to set up a call to help us get the clearest picture we can. We like to know as much as we can about the site and the local area.


We will also help to craft a Wildness Rating for your WildSpace by gathering information on location, facilities and other factors.


What is in it for our campsite? 


In a word, footfall & exposure. You will gain access to our community of keen and responsible wild camping enthusiasts who are seeking out a wilder experience for them, their friends & family. They will always abide by our rules, camping respectfully and leaving the site exactly as they found it.

You get the right people at your campsites & we build a community of like-minded people ready for an adventure! 


Will it cost me anything? 


No, there is no cost to register or be listed with CampWild. This is because we want to create the demand for a wilder camping experience, by building the most useful & intuitive wilder campsite directory possible.

Our members & our brand partners pay to be part of the CampWild community. Your campsites are what our members are looking for & we don’t want to charge you to be listed, featured or found by our members. 


We are not saying that we will never create a booking system for wilder campsites, but we will only do so if our community of members & hosts think it is the right thing for all involved. 


How do your members book our wilder campsite? 


They book using the tools, integrations & methods you already have in place. We will point our members to the simplest steps to book a pitch with you. 


If that means we point them out to one of those ‘campsite search warehouses’ (only kidding), then we will. Equally, if you are happy to accept bookings directly, via mobile or email, then we will provide our members the information to do so. 


We have no plans to become a booking system at this moment in time. 


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