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Wind back to November when we attended Kendal Mountain festival where we were completely blown away with some amazing outdoor brands, projects, and charities in the outdoor world and we had the privilege of connecting with many of them. It was truly inspiring to be amongst such a positive and forward thinking bunch of people and the guys we met at adventuro where no certainly no exception. Since the festival it has been amazing to get to know Founders Kate and Max, and the mission that they are on. There are an abundance of similarities between us, particularly the all important drive to get the UK outside adventuring in nature. We love what they are doing so much, we are completely handing the reins over to them for the remainder of this blog, so they can introduce the epic project that are growing throughout the UK and beyond. So, sit tight, without further ado, here are ... adventuro.

We love adventure sports – you name it, one of us has tried it.

After many years of trawling the internet, filling out contact forms, texting, WhatsApping, emailing, and walking into centres hoping for the best in search of our next lesson, course or trip, we decided there had to be a better way!

adventuro is the new home of adventure sports. We simplify the process of discovering, understanding, comparing, booking and paying for experiences, courses, coaching and equipment hire.

First-timers are welcome, but so are experienced adventurers looking to level up or explore the UK and beyond with their sport of choice. We guide you through which adventure sport you want to do, the entry level appropriate to you, and the best quality courses and centres for you to do that sport. We help you to find the best centres at every stage of the adventure sports learning journey, and we help our amazing partner centres to grow and connect with you.

With adventuro, you can search by sport (we have over 20), experience level (taster to expert), age, location, and adventure type (lessons and courses, guided sessions, multi-day trips, certifications, and family fun). We also have a handy map view.

At adventuro, we are passionate about protecting our playground, and we are proud to partner with Rewilding Britain, a leading organisation in large-scale nature restoration, which aims to create a wilder, nature-rich future that benefits us all. Their mission aligns with our commitment to protect the incredible natural spaces that our adventure sports lovers explore. When you book through us, you can donate to this amazing organisation, too.

The Founders:

Max is our Chief Adventurer (CEO when we are being formal…). He got his skydiving license at 18, and is also a paragliding club pilot, advanced open water diver, PADI Freediver, RYA powerboat license holder, experienced snowboarder, kite surfer, kayaker, mountain biker and surfer. Oh, and an enthusiastic but quite poor wakeboarder, paddleboarder, and sailor.

Before setting up adventuro, Max graduated Oxford University, and spent 5 years at the Boston Consulting Group. He was also a Chief Strategy Advisor at COP-26.

Kate is our Head of Partnerships. She loves to freedive, kayak, paddleboard, surf, mountain bike… and, let’s be real, faceplant (she does this a lot…).

Before adventuro, Kate was a first-class Durham graduate and went on to study at UCL. She has worked on social projects across South America and the UK, promoting girls’ education and community cohesion. She is a proud Teach First ambassador, and was Head of Year 9 at an East London secondary school before taking the plunge to run adventuro alongside Max.

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