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Blaze your own trail with The Intrepid Explorer

Updated: Mar 15

This week, we went in conversation with Clivina, Founder of The Intrepid Explorer, a Rebel of the Wilderness,  Nature's Devotee and an Adventure Maverick.

Intrepid Explorer

Clivina, Tell us a little bit about yourself.

"I like to think of myself as a Rebel of the Wilderness,  Nature's Devotee and an Adventure Maverick."

How did Intrepid Explorers begin?

"Lock down. When the pandemic sucker-punched my café , I found myself in an unwanted timeout. For a wild soul who craves the outdoors, being stuck indoors was like a cage. Growing up in Zimbabwe, where we were outside more than we were in, I found this really really tough.

Enter my fortress of sanity: healing herbs. With COVID closing shop, I decided to flip the script. I dove headfirst into the world of Organic Skincare Formulation. Qualification? Check. Now what? 

Always up for an adventure, my major pain point was my camping toiletries bag – the nemesis of my outdoor escapades. Often heavy and over filled with products that had just one function, I even tried to decant into the little travel bottles which was just messy and often not enough for the time I was away. A qualification in one hand, a determination to conquer my own pain points in the other, I started formulating specifically for the adventurers like me.

A year of fierce research and collaboration with a chemist later, I birthed our 3 revolutionary products. They're not just solutions; they're a manifesto against inconvenience, eco-foes, and skincare monotony."

What products can we find at Intrepid Explorer?

"Our Powdery Powerhouse, the Concentrated Powdered Hair & Body Wash, isn't just a shower necessity – it's a revolution. Light as a whisper, convenient as a secret ally, and concentrated to defy the norms. A little goes a looong way!

Behold, the SPF50 Sunscreen – your shield against the sun's tyranny. But wait, it's not just a sun warrior; it moonlights as your fearless daytime moisturiser. Maximum protection and a rebel-worthy glow, all in one bottle.

And when the moon rises, casting shadows and stirring the nocturnal spirits, our Insect Repellent takes the stage. Yet, it's not just about banishing bugs; it's also your loyal nighttime moisturiser, keeping your skin hydrated under the stars.

The Intrepid Explorer's trio of essentials. Because skincare should be as bold as your adventurous spirit. Unleash the rebellion in your routine! We’ve got you covered 24/7 365."

Intrepid Explorer

What is your mission?

"To start an outdoor skincare revolution. Every ingredient enlisted in our rebel lineup is a vow – they won't harm nature, not now, not ever. I proudly declare, "From Nature, For Nature." It's not just a mantra; or a byline it's a declaration of skincare rebellion."

How has the journey so far been?

"Our journey so far has been nothing short of spectacular, we have crossed paths with so many inspiring people and adventurers ~  backpackers, overlanders, hikers, cyclists etc Never mind the brands and businesses that we have partnered with, each one is unique and shares that same philosophy we do. I love the community we are a part of, the stories around the campfire and hearing what other adventurers have achieved.

The whole point of what I do is not to follow the crowd. I want to educate people that there is another way, and there is a solution. Nature has so much to offer us, not only in the form of mental wellbeing but also in healing. We just need to listen and understand. 

We are continually trying to better ourselves and as a brand we want people to challenge the status quo."

Check out the Intrepid Explorer

Whatever the adventure is that you have planned, check out The Intrepid Explorer to add to your essentials!

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