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ReWilded. A Movement of a Thousand Stories.

Updated: Mar 15

One thing we've come to appreciate on this journey is the challenge of putting our nature experiences into words. While Shakespeare, Dickinson, and Poe were true masters of poetic expression, most of us are left at a loss for words when immersed in the beauty of Wild Spaces. It's not that we fall short; it's that nature's wonders often defy description, leaving us in awe of their magnificence. Indeed, being left speechless in Wild Spaces is precisely the reaction we hope to inspire.

Wild Space - Secret Falls - Image Credit: Josh Craddock

All too often, we find ourselves miles away from civilisation, deep in the heart of private lands, discovering hidden gems that few have laid eyes on in decades. These Wild Spaces are pure, untamed, and astonishingly beautiful. Each one possesses a unique character just waiting to be unravelled and explored.

It's the intimacy of these spaces that sets them apart, an experience truly unlike anything else.

We know how deeply personal Wild camping is. It's unique to you. Whether you seek the challenge of pushing your boundaries and building personal resilience, or you simply crave an escape from technology, the modern world, and the monotony of routine, the wild offers it all.

But we can't hope to put into words what a Wild Space will mean to you individually. Therefore, our mission is to inspire you, and we have a plan to make that happen.

This is where our new campaign comes in. Stories have been the medium for translating emotions, experiences, and memories since the dawn of time. They allow us to relate our lives to others and imagine ourselves as the protagonists. We want to send you out into our ever-growing network of Wild Spaces to see what we've seen, to feel what we've felt. Only then can we weave these moments into stories that will hopefully inspire more of you to become the heroes of this adventure!

Each changing season brings new opportunities to witness nature's wonders in the wild. Camp deep in the woods as the leaves transform into a tapestry of colors. Pitch your tent in a sea of bluebells, wild garlic, or snowdrops in the spring. Spend warm summer evenings camping beside a plunge pool for late-night swims. These spaces are yours for a moment in time.

We need your help to articulate the personal experiences each of us encounters in a Wild Space. It's a different journey for everyone, but one common thread ties us all together - it's a life-changing and magical adventure.

To help us achieve this, we invite you to become a Wildling.

With each changing season, we will invite people to join our tribe of wildlings, offering the opportunity to explore & capture the essence of our Wild Spaces throughout the year, through your voices, stories and memories. The stories will be captured in the form of a short video, videos which we form our ReWilded campaign.

Applying couldn't be simpler, and up to 12 of the most compelling responses to a straightforward question — "What does wild camping mean to you?" — will earn their place in our tribe.

As a Wildling, you'll receive a CampWild membership, granting you access to up to three Wild Spaces of your choice. Your content will be showcased in our Trail Tale journals and across our social media channels. There's even a chance you'll be invited to join our podcast!

Ultimately, you will be instrumental in helping us tell the stories of these spaces that have remained hidden from people for years, only now being unlocked for those in search of the most intimate experiences with nature in the UK.


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