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Nearly ready to go.

Before we send you on your way, it is important we share with you any critical information & the terms of access to this amazing Wild Space. These are terms that we have negotiated with the host, building a bridge of trust & respect & enabling longevity of access for adventures!

Critical Information

  • Access information provided upon booking. 

  • You must enter the Wild Space through a tumbling drystone wall. Please be careful & avoid, where possible, damaging the wall further. 

Wild Space Terms of Access

This space is used to fell trees periodically for firewood. In the event that we are told by the host this will be happening when you book, we will send you information to camp elsewhere on Welstor Farm. There are a number of other Wild Spaces locally that are also within private, secluded & beautiful woodlands so we are confident you will have just as an amazing adventure if you are moved. 

Fires are not permitted here under any circumstances. 

Digging is permitted for the removal of human waste. 

Dogs are permitted, under close observation. 

Thank you. Now click below to Book!

Thank you! Clicking the below button takes you to our Booking Platform, RMS. It is a purpose-built booking engine that will ask you to select your dates, add who is coming with you & pay for your trip. 

Once paid, the system notifies the host you are coming and you will be sent a Route Card, with all the information you need to prepare & go on your camping. adventure.


You will also be able to log in to the portal available on our booking system to change details, add additional members to your party and cancel your reservation. Any questions, please get in touch. 

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