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Image by Katie Azi

Into the Woods.

Waking up in a woodland is a serene experience, with the rustling leaves and birdsong replacing city noise. The fresh forest air and dappled sunlight invigorate the senses, offering a peaceful start to the day.

To help you enjoy this natural tranquility, we've curated a list of the best woodland wild spaces for camping this summer, ensuring a memorable and rejuvenating outdoor adventure.

Caradon Rainforest

Craig Mochyn Daear


These ancient woodlands in the heart of Eryri (Snowdonia) are bursting with life. Camp within ferns or on top of a rock with views into the temperate rainforest canopy. 

Cwm Ynysgyfarch

Ouseburn Woods

North Yorkshire

A 2 acre mature native woodlands, left to nature with small cleared glades to hang hammocks & pitch tents. The added bonus of allowing fires!

Whitestone Woods

Caradon Rainforest

East Cornwall

A kaleidoscope of colour & life, this 100 acre ancient rainforest is one-of-a-kind. This beautiful Wild Space should be on every single members bucket list for 2024.

Craig Mochyn Daear

Cwm Ynysgyfarch


54 acres of completely unexplored woodland, complete with secret waterfalls & huge 200 year old trees to hang your hammock. 

Ouseburn Woods

Whitestone Wood

West Sussex

A secluded pine & native British woodland in the heart of a huge country estate and only an hour from London. An amazing escape to nature. 

This is just five of the nearly 50 woodland wild spaces we have now in our rapidly growing network.

Follow the link below & head to the Wild Space search tools to explore the rest!

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